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26-01-24 Company news

Haelvoet nv invests in innovative workforce planning with Team n Time

In line with its strategic philosophy to maximise nursing staff efficiency, Haelvoet nv has decided to participate in the capital increase of Team n Time. This Ghent-based scaleup company specialises in supporting hospitals that are willing to optimise staff planning to fully meet the patients' needs for care.

Nursing staff planning 2.0

In times of ever growing staff shortage, it is crucial to carefully manage limited human resources. Team n Time offers an innovative software platform that accurately matches the unpredictable need for nursing staff with the unforeseen demand for patient care. This allows care institutions to optimise patient care and reduce staff workload. The platform uses advanced algorithms that analyse anonymised patient records, treatment plans and timetables to search for hidden care capacity. Currently, nine Belgian hospitals, including UZ Gent, ZOL, AZ Groeninge and GZA, are already using this pioneering platform. The capital increase will be used to further grow in the Benelux countries and to finance the first steps on the American market.

Future-oriented care management

International trends stress that an ageing population leads to an increasing need for care, whereas the number of available care workers remains relatively constant. The Team n Time business model connects seamlessly with Haelvoet nv's vision of maximising care staff efficiency. Haelvoet integrates technological features in its care furniture, such as the Haelvoet Connect Solutions platform, which enables wireless monitoring of both the bed and the patient. Both companies share the belief that intelligent care management is essential for care workers to perform their tasks efficiently and qualitatively.

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Photo: Katrijn Van Giel