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24-06-14 Innovation

Our elderly citizens were not born yesterday...

... therefore our care of the elderly should not be either. Haelvoet takes part in the living lab ‘Care Innovation Space Flanders’. The living lab focuses on stimulating innovation in the elderly care, a necessity to be able to cope with the aging population.

Haelvoet is involved in the living lab AIPA (Ageing in Place) in Aalst. This care lab focuses with the project Pro DoMO on ageing with dignity in your own environment. Specifically there are two major cases:

    - Minimal infrastructure adjustments/rental scenario : At least 40 private homes within the metropolitan area of Aalst will be selected for testing and implementing individual innovative measures.

    - Renovation / new construction: Innovative techniques, processes and design meet one another in two new homes to be realized. There will be a development home (= adaptable home where a young family can continue to live until the residents become old and need care) and an affordable medior home (= home for people older than fifty, as a new house for the next 30 to 40 years, in which budget-friendliness is the priority).

After the project, the homes will remain occupied so that the functionality of materials and techniques can also be tested over the long term.

The Pro Domo project is for our company an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and to let our products evolve even more towards the needs of the consumer.

Read more: http://www.zorgproeftuinen.be/en/content/pro-domo-test-advancement-and-demo-house