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01-05-14 Innovation

PRoF 4.0 – waking up in business class

After already having designed the hospital room, private senior flat and assisted living room of the future, the PRoF consortium is now presenting the patient recovery room of the future in Poperinge.

The Patient Recovery Room of the Future is the perfect response to the current demand for more one-day hospitalization. Nowadays, more and more people visit the hospital for short medical care, checkups, or interventions such as haemodialysis, diabetes treatments, and one-day surgery. This entails that the hospital of the future will no longer consist of wards with huge numbers of rooms and beds. This concept requires considerably less surface and staff. In the presented recovery room the same staff can treat up to 30% more patients.

The challenge is to put a maximum number of people in the same room without decreasing the comfort of the patient or the efficiency of the nursing staff. PRoF has found an innovative solution that is similar to business seats in airplanes and meets the PRoF key requirements: privacy, safety, flexibility, comfort, non-stigmatizing and intergenerational. The concept is a half-open cocoon in which the staff keeps track of the situation in the different units without limiting the patient’s necessary privacy and comfort.

More information, press articles and pictures on www.prof-projects.be/prof40.htm .