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Olympia Hospital

Productnr.: 17157

Olympia combines simplicity, elegance and functionality in a highly ergonomic hospital bed.

  • Electric protection class II : The bed is standard equipped with a double-insulated control box without earthing, equipotential, quick release or battery.
  • Electric protection class I (option) : The bed is earthed via the mains cable. The advantages are a bigger ESD (Electrostatic discharge) immunity and a drop in the electromagnetic field.
  • Selective locking system: It is possible to lock the bed positions selectively by means of a magnetic key. This means 1 central handset to operate and lock the bed functions, without straining your back.
  • Integrated bed extension : A hospital bed has to fulfil everybody's wishes, irrespective of the length of the patient. The integrated bed extension makes it possible to extend the bed by 20 cm.
  • Bed positions: (reverse) Trendelenburg position, seating or relax position, high position, low or sleeping position.

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