Mido collection – can be used everywhere

An architectural design and a personal touch are self-evident characteristics of a contemporary chair. A sense of comfort, combined with a high-quality finishing and a beautiful colour palette strengthen these characteristics even more. The stackable chair can be upholstered in one of the many fabrics from our collection.
The table/chair combination is light, comfortable and can be used everywhere.
The Mido chair has been designed by GBO design.

GBO DESIGN, led by Eric Dumortier, provides product development tailored to the clients' needs. The company exists since 1989 and is currently working with 20 designers. Besides a Belgian branch, there's also a division in the Netherlands and in Hong Kong.
GBO design focuses on the realization of products that are as attractive as they are high-quality. In short: better products for best results. Their added value is in designing products that meet the following three quality criteria: Producibility, Appeal and Functionality.

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